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BIM Investments was formed in 2008 and since then has rapidly become one of the most respected manufacturers and producers of a wide range of food products within Poland. Trading under the name, Bendik's - we have developed a brand; which is recognized across Poland for quality, taste & value for money.

A reputation for producing food of the highest standards

With an impressive client list and a reputation for producing food of the highest standards, BIM Investments is a rapidly expanding company showing exponential growth and we constantly look out for and seek new business opportunities both here in Poland and within other European countries. We specialise in the provision of quality food products to multiple clients including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops & petrol stations.

Location & Factory...

BIM Investments is located in Warsaw, Poland and is headed up and managed by an International team from Norway & Poland. Our factory has been purpose built for food production and all of our staff are highly trained and certified to handle and produce food products.

Production outputs are currently very high with frozen foods being our primary output. To assist us with such high production levels, we have invested in state-of-the-art technology within the manufacturing process and our commitment to both our staff and clients is to continually strive to improve our products and services via investment and training.

Fresh Sandwiches

"No One Above"

Logistically, we believe that the quality of product and service that we offer are second to none within Poland. Our product prices are also extremely competitive undermining our commitment to our business ideaology of, "No One Above." Over the past 7 years, BIM Investments has built up an impressive client list including empik Cafe, HDS Polska (Business Shark, 1-Minute & empik café), BP - (Wild Bean Cafe), Coffee Heaven, AmRest & Ruch - (icoffee) in addition to a leading gas station chain in Poland.


The history of the Zapiekanka...

A zapiekanka is an open-face sandwich made of half of a baguette or other long roll of bread, topped with sautéed white mushrooms, cheese and optionally other ingredients, and toasted until the cheese melts. Served hot with ketchup, it is a popular street food in Poland. With its origin dating back to the 1970s, the zapiekanka is associated with the austere times of Poland's Communist regime, but it has enjoyed renewed demand in the 21st century, which has also brought a wider range of varieties.

A classic no-frills zapiekanka is made from one half of a baguette or any other long roll of white bread, as for a submarine sandwich, cut lengthwise. It may be up to 50 centimetres (20 in) long. The bread is topped with sliced, sautéed white mushrooms and grated cheese to form an open-face sandwich, which is then toasted until the bread becomes crisp and the cheese melts. Hard, mature yellow cheese with high fat content that melts well in heat, such as Gouda, Edam, Emmental, Tilsit or Cheddar, is best for this purpose; Polish smoked sheep milk cheese, such as oscypek, is also a popular choice. A zapiekanka is best served hot. The typical garnish is tomato ketchup, usually splattered on the cheese in a generous amount.

Zapiekanki are available throughout Poland in many varieties and levels of quality. Zapiekanki are available with a lavish choice of additional ingredients and sauces, which has earned them the monicker of "Polish pizza". Varieties include "diablo" with bacon, pickled cucumbers and spicy sauce; "Gypsy" with ham and sweet and sour sauce; "Greek" with olives and feta cheese; and "Hawaiian" with pineapple and barbecue sauce; patrons may also choose their own combinations. While the zapiekanka is primarily a street food, home-made versions also exist, such as the "student's zapiekanka", made from bread, cheese and whatever else is at hand at the moment.

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Company address: ul.odrowąża 15, 03-310 Warsaw.

Factory address: ul.Kolejowa 64A, 05-123 Chotomów.

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